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Dynamic TDS/SDS Configuration File Update

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While the Web Administration Tool is the preferred method, updates to the server configuration file can be made using LDAP utilities. The LDAP modify requests can be generated by:
•A C-application using the C-client provided with the IBM® Tivoli® Directory Server
•A Java™ application using JNDI
•Any other interface that generates a standard V3 LDAP.

Examples that are provided use the idsldapmodify command line utility.

The idsldapmodify command can be run either in interactive mode or with input specified in a file. For most examples in this guide, the file contents to be used with the idsldapmodify command are supplied. The general form of the command to use with these files is:
idsldapmodify -D <adminDN> —w <password> —i <filename>

To update the server configuration settings dynamically, you need to issue the following idsldapexop commands. This command updates all configuration settings that are dynamic: 
idsldapexop -D <adminDN> -w <adminPW> -op readconfig -scope entire

This command updates a single setting. 
idsldapexop -D <adminDN> -w<adminPW> -op readconfig -scope single <entry DN>

The idsldapexop command updates only those attributes that are dynamic. For other changes to take effect you must stop and restart the server. See Appendix L. Dynamically-changed attributes for a list of the attributes that can be updated dynamically. See the idsldapmodify and idsldapexop command information in the IBM Tivoli Directory Server version 6.2 Command Reference for more information.

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