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How to Reset Lost superadmin password for Web Admin Tool

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Well, it happens.  Yeah, a couple of times for me.   The Password is reset to a new value per standard security practice.  However, you forget it - cause we have to remember all the system password (part of the job right).  So, if you are in that group of busy admins, you may need to reset this not often used ID/Password for your Web Administration Tool GUI.  The default ID for admin is superadmin.  And the well known password is "secret".  To reset it in linux environments you can do the following:

1) Find (used search if you don't know where it is located) the "CONSOLE_PASSWD" file. 


2) Edit the file and change to contents to be the following (only two lines)



3) Login with "superadmin" and password of "secret".


*** ef13c691261ad9f4f313 ef03d586310f (will only set the password back to 'secret' , doesn't change the userID)




The application used for the WAT (Web Administration Tool) is ITDSWebApp.


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