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So....just how many entries is under that LDAP Branch??

PHP LDAP Authentication

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 How to Authenticate A LDAP User with PHP Script


So, we have a request from a user to login to our zFlex Online LDAP server using php code.  Well we decided to put together a snippet of code that can be used to authenticate a guest user on our server using php code.  Here is the sample below:



// using ldap bind
$ldaprdn  'uid=guest1,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com';     // ldap rdn or dn  (we will use the full DN)

$ldappass 'guest1password';  // associated password for guest1

// connect to ldap server
$ldapconn ldap_connect("")
    or die(
"Could not connect to zFlex LDAP server.");

if (
$ldapconn) {

// binding to zflex ldap server
$ldapbind ldap_bind($ldapconn$ldaprdn$ldappass);

    if (ldap_set_option($ldapconn, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3)) {

            echo "\nUsing LDAPv3\n";

            echo "----------------";

            echo "\n";




        echo "Failed to set protocol version to 3";




    // verify binding

  if ($ldapbind) {
"LDAP bind successful...";

        echo "\n";

        print "Congratulations! $ldaprdn is now authenticated.";

    } else {
"LDAP bind failed...";

        print "Nice try, kid. Better luck next time!";





There are some other parameters which can be used to set the base search location and then the userid (uid) attribute can be used.  So only "guest1" would be entered as the userid and NOT the full DN.


Hope this help other potential guest users of our Free Online Development LDAP Server!!


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